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Installing PRTG Network Monitor is easy and works like other Windows-based applications. To install PRTG, run the installation setup program from the ZIP file that you have downloaded.

icon-prtg-on-demandThis only applies to PRTG on premises instances, not to PRTG hosted by Paessler.

Windows User Account Control Confirmation Request

Windows User Account Control Confirmation Request

Confirm the question of the Windows User Account Control with Yes to allow the program to install. The PRTG installation dialog will guide you through the installation process.

Setup Language Selection

Setup Language Selection

Select a language for the program and click the OK button. The available language options depend on both your Windows version and the setup file.

Setup Dialog: License Agreement

Setup Dialog: License Agreement

Accept the license agreement and click Next.

Setup: Installing PRTG

Setup: Installing PRTG

After installation, PRTG opens the Ajax web interface in your system's default browser. Make sure Google Chrome 67 or later (recommended), Mozilla Firefox 61 or later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is available on the system, and set as default browser (see section System Requirements).

icon-i-blueIn certain cases, antivirus software like Windows Defender interferes with the PRTG installer. This might cause high CPU load on the PRTG server, which might prevent a successful installation of PRTG. Please temporarily disable Windows Defender and other antivirus software if you have issues installing PRTG.

Enter License Information

PRTG will validate your license information during the install process by connecting to the activation server. If you encounter issues with the trial installation, PRTG will ask you for your License Name and key. In this case, you will be directed to our website https://www.paessler.com/download.

Please enter both License Name and License Key exactly as received from Paessler. We recommend that you use copy&paste to avoid typing mistakes.

icon-book-arrowsFor more details, see section Enter a License Key.

If you think that you have correctly entered your license information but get a License Invalid message, please contact sales@paessler.com.

icon-i-roundYou will find the label License Owner in some documents from the Paessler shop. License Owner is the same as License Name for which you may be asked while installing PRTG or when you change your license key.

icon-i-roundWhen updating an existing commercial version with a new trial installer, the new trial license key will be ignored.


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License Agreement

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